Bravo Series HT-760


Premium highway terrain designed to deliver greater peace of mind during hauling and towing

  • Premium highway terrain tire designed for light truck and SUVs
  • Ripple sipe design improves overall wear pattern and traction on slippery surfaces
  • Dual circumferential grooves increase water dispersion efficiency for improved hydroplaning resistance
  • Multi-pitch tread blocks minimize pattern noise for a quiet and serene cabin
  • Closed shoulder design limits noise resonance in tread area which further reduces cabin noise
  • M&S All-Season rated
  • UTQG 640 A B (Metric Sizes ONLY)

Not merely another highway terrain tire, the Maxxis HT-770 is the result of over three years of market research and engineering. We improved the finer details to provide a true all-season premium highway terrain tire for the most discerning truck owner. Maxxis started by using feedback from our customers. We increased the casing stiffness and added tread reinforcements to improve overall braking performance and more importantly, to increase braking confidence when hauling or towing. The sidewall was also fine-tuned to improve the overall ride as well as stability under emergency maneuvers or heavy cross-winds. To deliver a premium driving experience, the tire features closed-shoulder design and multi-pitch technology for minimized pattern noise, effectively reducing driver fatigue. For those who want the best, the HT-770 is your truck’s perfect upgrade.


Part Number Size Service Description Sidewall Overall Diameter (in) Section Width (in) Max PSI Max Load (lbs) Approved Rim Width (in) Tread Depth (in)
TP23610000 185/70R14 88H BSW 24.3 7.4 36 1235 4.5-[5.5]-6.0 10/32
TP39585600 205/45ZR16 87W XL BSW 23.2 8.3 50 1201 6.5-[7.0]-7.5 11/32
TP39634000 205/50ZR16 91W XL BSW 24 8.2 50 1356 5.5-[6.5]-7.5 10/32